Courtyard by Marriott

Project Details

The Corvallis Marriott utilized cast-in-place concrete spread footings and columns to support three 29,000 sf cast-in-place post-tensioned slabs. The first level utilized a 9″ P.T. deck with a 3″ topping slab and the second level an 8″ thick P.T. deck with two levels of radiused vehicle ramps. The third level was a 12″ thick P.T. transfer slab that provided support for four levels of light-gage steel stud framed walls, floors, and roof. This project was challenging because there was minimal laydown area and the building footprint took up the entire downtown building site.

Start Date: March 2019
End Date: August 2019
Building Footprint: 29,000
Site Size: 29,000
Number of Stories: 6
Location: Corvallis, OR
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